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Point of Use Filtration Systems

When water leaves your local treatment facility and heads to your home, it contains chlorine and other chemicals. Treatment plants use these chemical to kill bacteria and other harmful contaminants in the water. This puts the burden on you, the homeowner, to purify your water before you and your family consume it. Some homeowners prefer to filter their water at the point of use. They use a countertop or undersink filter to purify only the water they plan to drink and cook with. And they use a simple shower filter to remove the harmful chlorine from their shower water. This is a more economical approach.

Point of Entry

The alternative to a point of use setup is a point of entry system which filters water before it ever enters the house. A whole house filter purifies all of the water in the house…even water that doesn’t need to be filtered (dish water, laundry water. toilet water). However, a whole house setup makes it possible to avoid having numerous filters in different parts of the house. Our whole-house systems range in capacity from 150,000 to 750,000 gallons. Some of these models are ideally suited to commercial operations like restaurants, apartment complexes or offices.

KDF and GAC (Granular Activated Carbon)

KDF® media and GAC (granular activated carbon) are the powerful one-two punch in most of our units which effectively purifies water. These media work hand in hand to effectively filter municipal water in various units for different needs. KDF is a combination of copper and zinc which removes chlorine and heavy metals from the water while controlling microorganisms. It greatly enhances the effectiveness of the granular activated carbon, which usually follows the KDF stage in the water flow. KDF also extends the life of GAC by preventing bacteria growth in the carbon. Learn more about KDF media. The KDF and GAC in all our units are NSF certified…as is every other component of our filtration systems.

The GAC in our filters is water-washed, coconut-shell carbon (20 x 50 mesh). The large surface area of its porous granules effectively adsorb natural organic compounds that affect the taste, color and scent of water. It also removes the synthetic organic chemicals that are used at the water treatment facility.

Countertop Water Filter Systems

Our countertop series includes a handful of units that quietly and discreetly filter water in a 5-stage process. A simple diverter on the main faucet of your sink will direct cold water to the countertop unit. When it’s time to wash dishes or wash your hands, simply switch off the diverter to resume the flow of unfiltered water from the main faucet.

Our 10,000-gallon unit (CT-10k) is our most popular countertop. It’s 3.5″ diameter takes up very little space on the counter. Our CT-12k is a little wider at 4.5″. It filters 12,000 gallons. And our PCT-3K is our lightweight countertop unit that goes wherever you go. If you’re traveling and staying in hotels or the homes of family and friends, the PCT-3K is a handy little companion. It’s simple connection to any faucet means that you’ll always have filtered water. All three of these countertop units have a sealed construction and should therefore be replaced when they expire.

The RCT-5K features a white housing which encases a replaceable 5,000-gallon cartridge. It’s swiveling, long-reach spout goes high enough to accommodate a drinking glass or a standard cooking pot. Lastly, our CRCT-5K works the same as the RCT-5K, but it’s housing is stylishly chrome-plated. Countertop water filters are ideal for college students, renters and those who may need to relocate from one year to the next.

Under Sink Water Filter Systems

Out of the way and out of sight, our under sink water filters are the long-term solution for those who desire water that is free from chlorine and contaminants . We have an undersink filter for every budget. They range in capacity from 5,000 to 35,000 gallons. The US4-35K and US3-25K are sealed-body units which tap into your cold water line. From there, they direct the water to a separate, chromed, long-reach faucet which only dispenses filtered water. Therefore, you always have the option of filtered and unfiltered water for different purposes.

The iUS4-25K is an inline undersink unit which filters 100% of the water that flows through the sink’s main faucet. This is a good option for those who aren’t able to drill a separate hole in the sink for an additional faucet.

One of our lighter-duty undersink units is the RUS-5K. It features a standard, white, slim-body housing which carries a replaceable KDF/GAC cartridge. That cartridge is good for 5,000 gallons. The RUS-5K then directs the water it has filtered to a separate, chromed, long-reach faucet. The RUSD-5K has all the features of the RUS-5K, but includes an additional housing for a sediment prefilter. If sediment is not your concern, you can use the first housing to carry a cartridge which prefilters for fluoride, nitrates or some other contaminant.

KDF Shower Filter Heads & Replaceable Cartridges

The filtration products we sell for the kitchen all work to make sure you don’t ingest chlorine. Our shower filters work to make sure you don’t bathe in it. Manufactured with a propriety blend of KDF media, our full line of shower filter heads and cartridges remove 99% of the harmful chlorine from your shower water.

Chlorine is detrimental to the health of our skin and hair. Furthermore, inhaling water vapors that are infused with chlorine is also unhealthy. Avoid those unnecessary risks by using one of our long-lasting shower filters. Their quick and easy installation requires no tools or experience. They’re also a practical gift for family and friends.

Appliance Cartridges, Whole House Filters & More

Our AC-3K is a universal, inline filter cartridge that works on any appliance that dispenses water. Simply add the cartridge to the water line that goes out to the fridge. Then taste the difference in your ice and your fridge-dispensed water. It’s good for 3,000 gallons, or about a year in most households.

Whole House Systems

Instead of filtering water at various points of the house, filter your water before it ever enters your house or establishment with one of our whole house filtration systems. The higher flow rate of these units enables them to feed filtered water to several appliances at once.

We have a solution for virtually any filtration need you may have. Contact us at 954 543-1083 and let us know what you need. Thank you for browsing our site. And thank you for considering a partnership with us to make sure your water tastes great for you and your family.

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