Upflow Water Filtration Systems is a new business – created in 2017 and now open for business in 2018. We’re starting with a slow rollout of products. And when I say “slow,” I mean “one product at a time.” But even though our business is new, the products we’ll sell are effective, affordable and well-established in the market.

Doing Things Right

Our eyes are set on the long-term goal of having a highly-regarded business with an excellent reputation in the industry. And we know the only way to make that happen is by doing things right;

  • selling quality products

  • clearly communicating with clients and suppliers

  • maintaining a fresh, excellent brand image online

  • handling each customer’s issues with care

To make sure we do things right, we’re starting out with a few products that we know are popular and effective. We’ll eventually do a big, official launch with several products. But not before we’re sure that we’ve worked all the bugs out of process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at email@upflowwater.com.