Our series of countertop water filters includes 5 units which effectively remove chlorine and organic compounds from your drinking water. Also, each of our countertops serves a slightly different purpose. They provide great-tasting water at a great value. Another thing to consider is that they don’t occupy too much space on the counter.

For one reason or another, some people don’t have the option of installing one of our heavy-duty undersink water filters. Therefore, one of the following countertop units is a smart choice.

Sealed Countertop Water Filters

The CT-12K, CT10K and the PCT-3K are sealed cartridges with spouts that filter 12k, 10k and 3k gallons respectively. A simple diverter on your main faucet will direct the water through the provided tubing to the filter cartridge. Then the water flows up the cartridge, through the KDF & GAC media and through the spout. You’ll love the way it tastes!

The PCT (Portable CounterTop) is small and lightweight. Sometimes you travel and stay at hotels and other people’s homes. The quality of your drinking water is one less thing you’ll have to worry about if you bring a PCT. It’s handy and convenient. And it can go wherever you go.

Countertops with Replaceable Filter Cartridges

For those who desire a more discreet countertop filter, units with a replaceable filter cartridge are the way to go.

The RCT-5K is our “Replaceable CounterTop” unit. After unscrewing the pearl-white housing, simply remove the filter cartridge and replace it with another one. Each cartridge is good for 5k gallons. This unit also receives water through a diverter on the main faucet.

The CRCT-5K has a chrome-plated housing rather than pearl white. But it works the same as the RCT-5K. The chrome-plated housing gives the CRCT-5K a more sleek, modern look.