Under the counter and out of sight, our under sink water filters are the workhorses of the water industry. Available in different sizes with varying capacities, our 5 undersink units offer the perfect combo of effectiveness and affordability.

Sealed Under Sink Water Filters

The US4-35K and US3-25K are sealed-cartridge units which last for 35k and 25k gallons respectively. They connect to a separate, chromed, long-reach faucet. Therefore, they’re only used when you need purified water for drinking and cooking. Both units come with a prorated warranty for up to 3 years.

The US413 also has a sealed-body construction. But rather than connecting to a separate faucet, this inline unit feeds water to the sink’s main faucet. This ensures that 100% of the water from your sink is pure for all purposes. The US413 comes with a pressure regulator and a 1-year, prorated warranty.

When the time comes to replace any of the sealed undersink units, buy a new sealed cartridge and switch it out with your expired cartridge.

US4-35K US4-35K-CART
US3-25K US3-25K-CART
US413 US413-CART

Undersink Units with a Replaceable Filter Cartridge

The RUS-5K is our Replaceable Under-Sink unit lasts for 5k gallons. The unit includes a standard white housing with a KDF/GAC cartridge on the inside. Also, the RUS-5K connects to a separate faucet which comes with the unit. Open the housing and replace the cartridge every 5k gallons.

The RUSD-5K is a RUS-5K with a 5-micron prefilter. This two-housing unit is very effective in areas with excessive sediment.